Anita Daher

Anita Daher

Winnipeg, MB

Itty Bitty Bits (Peanut Butter Press, 2013)

On the Trail of the Bushman (Orca Book Publishers, 2009)


From the age of 12, sitting cross-legged in her tiny school library in Baker Lake, Nunavut, Anita Daher knew she wanted to write novels. But to her, authors were heroes--not a title this painfuly shy, young writer ever felt would apply. Over the next two decades she pursued a career in the aviation industry, married and had a family, and was so busy she forgot to say, "I can&;t." She remembered her long time dream, and pursued it with the certainty, "I can."

Anita has now been entrenched in the book publishing industry since 1995, writing middle grade and teen novels, published in Canada and Europe. She has worked on occasion as marketing director, editor, journalist and radio broadcaster, and is currently editor at Great Plains Teen Fiction. In 2007 she received the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Author.

She is exceptionally proud of her recent picture book, Itty Bitty Bits, as it reflects the subtext of her life: you can do most ANYTHING, if you approach it in small bits.

Living in an ADHD dominated household has influenced the stories Anita writes, as well as her presentations, which are geared toward captivating those who are "attention different."

A long time literacy advocate, she is honoured to have recently been named Literacy Partners of Manitoba Writer-in-Residence. Through this organization, she meets regularly with new Canadians, as well as participants in LPM&;s Fighters to Writers program. When not word wrangling she enjoys playing her guitar or ukulele, and instigating things (usually house renos and adventures)

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My presentations are highly interactive, designed to capture and the attention of ADHD children, entertaining while also delivering information beyond the story (curricula connections).

Pre-K Through Grade Two Presentation:Storytelling, discussion, problem solving, puppetry, games, ant facts.I begin with speaking with the kids about their favourite books, learning to read, and sharing stories, then introduce my puppet friends, and call for volunteers to work the puppets. Next, I teach the chorus of my Itty Bitty Bits song to kids in the audience, who sing along as I perform with my ukulele. After the song, which includes a musical problem solving Q & A, I share the story. Time permitting, we talk ant facts. Classroom activities are available by email in advance.

Grades Three Through Six Presentation: Combination presentation Racing for Diamonds, Poachers in the Pingos and On the Trail of the Bushman, three thrilling Arctic and sub-Arctic adventures for ages 7 to 12. This interactive presentation includes readings, props, photos, as well as information about the real life Junior Canadian Rangers, dog mushing, the historic Canol Trail, pingos, environmental concerns affecting Canada&;s North, and Aboriginal mythology and culture.

I begin with talking to the kids about the real life Junior Canadian Ranger organization, then read a little to introduce the characters (time permitting), talk about the real life building of the Canol Trail (World War II history) then read a short exciting passage. Then I move on to Poachers in the Pingos, talk about pingos, the delecate ecology, show photos, read a short exciting passage. The final book in the series is On the Trail of the Bushman. I talk about aboriginal mythology--the windigo, bushman/bigfoot/yeti, read a short, exciting passage and finish with photos and a guessing game about arctic animals,

Presentation type: Reading

Recommended levels: Junior kindergarten, Senior kindergarten, Primary (1-3), Junior (4-6)