Astri Sefrina

Astri Sefrina

Montreal, QC

Astri Sefrina is an artist who is living and working as a graphics and textiles surface designer.

She studied graphic design and had worked for several creative companies and magazines back In Jakarta, Indonesia. She then finally decided to go to the England to further her design knowledge and obtained her Masters in Fashion Textiles and Surface Design. While lived in one of the world’s fashion hubs, London she worked on various graphic projects as well as work with fashion designers, accessory designer, milliners and an author. For her, working together with different people in the creative industry has truly boosted her creativity, not only to help to develop new ideas but also to experience on how design process works based on type of the industry which also means cretivity has no boundaries. With a great deal of passion in art, design & lifestyle, she now expanding her wings to Montreal, Canada, Astri loves designing intricate patterns inspired by the uniqueness of the Indonesian heritage with a modern twist. 

It has been a pleasure and great adventure for her to illustrate Si Pirok ke Kota /Pirok Goes To the City which was her 1st children book & Komodo Mau Main Musik/Komodo Wants to Play Music/Komodo Voudrait Faire de la Musique... Which is her 2nd book.

She had a marvelous time creating the characters of Pirok the Indonesian Orangutan, Antar the city boy and the Komodo dragon. She did use several techniques such as water colour, gouache paint, marbling and mix media In order to give textures and to give more character to the drawing and a way for the children to imagine not just what they look like but also what they would feel like if they were to touch them. Astri love making illustrations, and she would never get tired of exploring endless possibilities inspired by Indonesian tropical forest, cultures and heritages and she could do this over and over again.

Next to these 2 books in the same series she also had the pleasure of making: &;Poppy is flying to Bali on a Garuda aeroplane!&; which was commissioned by Garuda Indonesia,  Indonesia&;s national airline. It was created to promote the airline&;s new direct flight from London, UK to Bali, Indonesia.

Astri is always up for a new challenge! she is hoping that her books will give a fresh and inspiring world to stimulate children’s creativity and everyone will enjoy reading these children books as much as she enjoyed making them.