Anna Myatt

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Anna Myatt

Author, Storyteller
Ottawa, ON

Anna Myatt is a presenter, storyteller, photographer and new author. Her first book, I am Jack (Baico Publishing Inc.) was published in December 2017.

Born in Montreal and a graduate of McGill University, Anna was a member of Canada&;s diplomatic corps and served abroad in several countries. Not only did this career provide the opportunity to experience other cultures and ways of life, it also served to enrich her interests in nature, art and photography. Anna has always been excited about books, stories and learning. She aimed to write all about her many experiences one day...

Leaving the Canadian foreign service brought some stability in her life with no moving every few years. Anna finally had the chance to settle down in Ottawa and begin sorting through all her photographs and pages of notes. She had so much material and started to write down her many stories. As she wrote, edited and rewrote, it soon became apparent that this was going to be a very long book and she realized that there had to be some order to it. It would have to be more than just one book. 

All along, the family dog, Jack, sat by her side. Every time she glanced at him, Jack would make eye contact. And he would continue to look at her as if to offer encouragement.

It was exactly during this time that Anna&;s son got married and she subsequently became a grandmother. Anna&;s granddaughter, Dagny, brought a lot of joy. Jack was thrilled and captivated with her. Anna was really moved by Jack&;s reaction and his response. Suddenly, all the past experiences she was writing about became less urgent. She felt like a cartoon character who had a light bulb go on over her head. She wanted to share this story and immediately changed her approach. Jack&;s story flowed on to the paper and was soon accepted by a local publisher. This non-fiction children&;s book became Anna&;s first one. 

With I am Jack now published, Anna is excited to read it to kindergarten classes, with Jack, the ambassadog, right by her side. The importance of pets in families cannot be over emphasized and Anna (and Jack) look forward to sharing Jack&;s story. 

Anna has also resumed her work writing about her diplomatic experiences. She separated her project into more manageable pieces, focusing on stories about one country at a time. Diplomacy was an adventure but writing about it is indeed fulfilling!