Beth Goobie

Beth Goobie

Saskatoon, SK

Saskatchewan Young Adult Book Award (Winner, 2017)

High Plains Young Adult Book Award (Winner, 2017)

Snow Willow Award (Winner, 2017)

Silver Birch Express Award Honour Book (2012)

White Ravens List (2006)

American Library Association’s Rainbow Project Roundtable (2006)

Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book Award nominee (2006)

Canadian Library Association’s Young Adult Book Award (Winner, 2000)

Amelia Bloomer List

White Pine Award nominee

White Pine Award honour book

White Raven’s list

Snow Willow Award short list

Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award short list

Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature short list (Short-listed, 1994)

Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature short list (Short-listed, 2000)

Mr. Christie Book Award silver finalist (Runner-up, 2000)

Michael Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature nominee (2000)

Saskatchewan Children’s Literature Award (Winner, 2004)

Saskatchewan Children’s Literature Award (Winner, 2005)

R. Ross Annet Award (Winner, 1994)

Gerald Lampert Award short list (Short-listed, 1994)


The Pain Eater (Second Story Press, 2016)

The Throne (Red Deer Press, 2012)

Jason’s Why (Red Deer Press, 2012)

Group Homes From Outer Space (Maxwell Macmillan, 1992)

Hit and Run (Maxwell Macmillan, 1994)

Kicked Out (Orca Book Publishers, 2002)

Something Girl (Orca Book Publishers, 2005)

Sticks and Stones (Orca Book Publishers, 2002)

Who Owns Kelly Paddik? (Orca Book Publishers, 2003)

Before Wings (Orca Book Publishers, 2000)

Born Ugly (Red Deer Press, 2011)

The Colours of Carol Molev (Roussan Publishers, 1998)

The Dream Where the Losers Go (Orca Book Publishers, 2006)

Fixed (Orca Book Publishers, 2005)

Flux (Orca Book Publishers, 2004)

The Good, the Bad, and the Suicidal (Roussan Publishers, 1997)

Hello Groin (Orca Book Publishers, 2006)

I’m Not Convinced (Red Deer Press, 1997)

The Lottery (Orca Book Publishers, 2002)

Mission Impossible (Red Deer Press, 1994)

The Throne (Red Deer Press, 2013)

“The Face is the Place,” Rave: Young Adult Drama (Blizzard Publishing, 2000)

The Girls Who Dream Me (Pedlar Press, 1999)

Scars of Light (NeWest Press, 1994)

Could I Have My Body Back Now, Please? (NeWest Press, 1991)

The First Principles of Dreaming (Second Story Press, 2014)

The Only-Good Heart (Pedlar Press, 1998)


Junior fiction (Ages 8-12), Intermediate Fiction (Ages 10-14), Middle Years Fiction (Hi-Lo) (Ages 10-14), Teen Fiction (Hi-Lo) (Ages 12 and up), Young adult (YA) Fiction (Ages 12 and up)


Beth Goobie’s rate for school and library presentations is $175 for one session. Fees for cluster bookings are negotiable. She is willing to travel on local transit both within and outside of larger centres.

Beth has given presentations, workshops and readings to elementary school-aged children through to university students and adults. Of note here, her professional work experience also includes five and a half years in various group homes and locked units with emotionally disturbed children and teens; she is equally comfortable with alternative and regular classroom settings. She has toured Ontario on the Canadian Children’s Book Centre tour, as well as the Northwest Territories on a Canada Council-funded tour.

Beth can be reached at 306-382-0426 or at the following mailing address:

Beth Goobie, Box 7862, Station Main, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 4R5

Inquire about this presentation

Grade/age range for presentations: elementary school through junior/senior high and university, to adult.

Audience size: I am comfortable with a group of any size, as long as teachers are present to handle any possible disruptive behaviour among the students.


1. Presentation based on one or more of my books: includes a reading from the book, a discussion concerning its connection to my personal life as well as any larger social context, and a question and answer period. Of note: with school groups, in advance of the presentation/reading, I discuss with the host any perimeters they would like to set around a discussion of my personal abuse history and its larger context. I do not get into graphic details with school groups regarding my abuse history – it’s kept very very general: i.e. “I was physically and sexually abused as a child.”

2. Creative writing workshop, usually 90 to 120 minutes.

3. For elementary school-aged groups, I would do a reading from Jason’s Why, and lead an age-appropriate discussion on what it’s like to be the “new kid” (in a group home, at school, in a new country, for example), as well as fear-based aggression and how to help someone who is continually afraid.

4. For junior high groups, I would recommend a reading/presentation that combines my two Orca Soundings books Something Girl and Sticks and Stones, which combine issues of domestic violence and peer verbal sexual harassment.

5. For senior high groups, I would recommend a reading/presentation from The Throne, Born Ugly, The Lottery, or Before Wings. They all deal with peer bullying in various contexts.

6. I am willing to create or shape presentations to meet a host’s specific needs, so feel free to elaborate.

7. Necessary Equipment: a small table or podium, and teachers or school representatives present throughout the presentation. Any venue is fine, as long as there isn’t an opera, a major sports event, or renovations involving electric drills or the like going on in the same room.

Recommended levels: Primary (1-3), Junior (4-6), Intermediate (7-8), High school (9-12)

Fees: $175 for one session. Fees for cluster bookings are negotiable.