Grace S Avery-Parkman

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Grace S Avery-Parkman

Regina, SK

Graphic Novels, Junior fiction (Ages 8-12), Intermediate Fiction (Ages 10-14), Middle Years Fiction (Hi-Lo) (Ages 10-14), Teen Fiction (Hi-Lo) (Ages 12 and up), Young adult (YA) Fiction (Ages 12 and up)



Grace Avery-Parkman is a  a freelance illustrator, a nature enthusiast and a dreamer based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. Her love for drawing began when she was first introduced to video games as a child, and ever since she has been pursuing new creative endeavors and ideas to bring to life. She hopes to build fantastic worlds and characters which express her love of whimsy, childhood and adventure. Grace is currently available to take on new illustration projects.Please contact her with any questions, or just to chat.