Ian Wallace

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Ian Wallace

Author, Illustrator
Brookline, MA

Just So Stories, Volume II (Groundwood Books, 2014)

Just So Stories, Volume I (Groundwood Books, 2013)


Born in Niagara Falls, close to the famous cataract, Ian Wallace enjoyed reading and drawing from an early age. Frequently, he was found drawing with crayons on his bedroom walls, with chalk on the sidewalk in front of his home, and even with pencils in the pages of his favourite books. Much to the chagrin of his parents. One day, they gave him a pad of paper to sketch on. Eureka. His days of creating images on plaster, concrete, and in cherished books came to an end.

His favourite subject in school was art. Strange, eh?

He can&;t remember a time when he didn&;t want to be an artist. He believes that his artistic streak was in his DNA at birth and that he was destined to be an author/illustrator. He counts himself a very fortunate guy to have found the place where he belongs early in life and recognizes the privileged inherent in creating picture books for young people.

His drawing life began about twenty years ahead of his writing one, however he appreciates the challenges and the rewards in both disciplines equally.

Today, he tours widely having read in schools and libraries in Canada, the US, Great Britain, Australia and China. To date, he has presented to approximately one million young people. Imagine that! Watch out McDonalds, The Wallace is nipping at your heels!

When not drawing, writing, or touring, he hangs out with his wife of twenty-five years of whom he says, &;I couldn&;t have done it without her unwavering support for more than a quarter century.&;

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The Double Vision of the Author/Illustrator

In every picture book there are two stories being told. One in the words. The other in the pictures. Using his books as guides, Wallace explores the delicate balance between text and image to create a successful picture book coupled with the process of creation while illuminating how to read illustrations.

Highly interactive, each session involves a hearty mix of storytelling and visual imagery often accompanied by dollops of humour to keep students, teachers, librarians, and parents engaged. Typically. each session revolves around just one book with the maturity level designed to respect the age of the students/kids.

All presentations are chockfull of information that students and teachers can take back to their classrooms for discussion long after the author/illustrator visit has ended.

Presentation type: Reading

Recommended levels: Junior kindergarten, Senior kindergarten, Primary (1-3), Junior (4-6), Intermediate (7-8)