Judy Bird

Judy Bird

Regina, SK

Judy Bird grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, and has had a love for writing, and animals, since she was a child. Pets were an important part of her life growing up, and continue to be now. Through her school years and beyond, writing was a creative outlet, and she nurtures her creative side by writing stories and novels.

Judy has been writing professionally since 1995, and in 2013, she published her first children’s book, Domino’s Nose Knows, a story inspired by the playful antics of her Bloodhound and his litter mate. The story is loved by children and their parents, and on her Facebook page, Judy Bird, Author, people are invited to share just how far Domino has travelled to reach young readers. So far, he has travelled to Alaska, many parts of Canada and the United States, Germany, China and as far away as Australia. 

She recently published the second book in the Domino series, Domino and Buttons to the Rescue! that continues the mischief and adventure of the puppies. 

Judy also works as a freelance writer, and is published in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Judy has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Bachelor of Journalism Degree, both from the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan.  She resides in Regina with her husband and their dogs and cats.