Judy Cook

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Judy Cook

Author, Storyteller
Winnipeg, MB

Beginning Readers, Picture books


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Judy Cook has conducted hundreds of workshops in schools where she integrates music, theatre and dance while guiding children in creative study. Through collaboration with staff, students, and other artists, she brings joyful play to arts education.  Judy has recently written and  published a children’s book titled When Dinosaurs go Dancing which encourages young readers to increase their knowledge of the world of dance and dinosaurs and early fossil finding history.  As a song -writer she has also created many fun, educational and interactive songs on other themes that incorporate school studies such as bugs, clouds, comets and colours. Judy has written and performed her original songs and stories in venues across Canada and the United States. She has a wealth of experience in schools as a facilitator and conducts programs that include dance and art as being integral to a well-balanced education. 

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Dinosaurs Dance and Exploration

Judy will share songs and dances during an interactive story –telling session and then guide students to create their own original dances, write rhythmical vocal raps or create songs and theatre vignettes.   Students will practice elements of improvisation as well as learn a variety of dance steps and styles . The class may choose to delve deeper into the world of fossils and dinosaurs and environmental studies or decide to collaborate on theatre or dance pieces.

Recommended levels: Primary (1-3)

Fees: 300 dollars plus travel for book reading and dance workshop 1/2 day