Kate Blair

Kate Blair

Toronto, ON

Young adult (YA) Fiction (Ages 12 and up)


Born on a tiny island stuck to the south of England, Kate Blair has worked as a museum curator, a clown and a cook on a ship on the Great Barrier Reef. She is now a young adult author and a speculative fiction geek. She now lives in Toronto and has two ridiculously young children and a lovely husband. Transferral is her first novel, available from Dancing Cat Books.

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Kate loves to share her enthusiasm for reading, writing, and finding your place in the world. Presentations are tailored to meet the needs of the age group, and are flexible, responding to the the interests and curiosity of the students. She has years of experience in museums leading school workshops and presentations with all age groups, keeping students engaged and entertained. She presents her story of how she came to be living in Canada as a published author, and talks about writing a book, including how to get ideas, worldbuilding, research & creating characters, as well as topics related to Transferral such as crime and punishment, the purpose of justice, and fun information on Victorian crime and punishment in London.

Presentation type: Other

Recommended levels: Intermediate (7-8), High school (9-12)