Luigi A. Cannavicci

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Luigi A. Cannavicci

Vaughan, ON

Lucinda, Queen of Everything (Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., 2012)

Taylor, Please Stop Talking (Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., 2013)

Odie - The Story of One Good Dog (Reggio Kids Publications, 2017)


Picture books


Luigi A. Cannavicci was born with the creative gene. He discovered his talent at the young age of 8, with the help of The Secret City; a 1980s kids art show. He hasn’t looked back since. As a result from graduating from Humber College’s Advertising and Graphic Design program, Luigi Cannavicci has a strong command of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - two of the programs used for his illustrations. From creating storyboards and conceptual art, to full coloured illustrated children&;s books, he brings a unique perspective to the work he creates.