Natasha Celeste Peterson

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Natasha Celeste Peterson

Author, Storyteller
Carleton Place, ON

Canada Book Award- for 'Gayle the Goose Goes Global' (Winner, 2016)

Canada Book Award - for 'Nutty Neighbours' (Winner, 2016)

Canada Book Award - for 'Harold the Homeless Hermit' (Winner, 2017)

Ontario Poetry Society Epic Proportions Poetry Contest 2017 - Grady the Grasshopper Graduates (Commended, 2017)

Ontario Poetry Society Ultra Short Poetry Contest 2015 - "Ladybug" (Runner-up, 2015)

Poetry Institute of Canada 2015 National Poetry Contest - "Someone's Always Watching" (Short-listed, 2016)


Beginning Readers, Picture books, Short stories


Natasha Peterson (Polar Bear Press)


As a Youngster...


I grew-up with my brother, mom and dad in Toronto before moving to the small town of Carleton Place, Ontario. I have always been on the shy side, so I often turned my thoughts into words to express myself. In particular, I loved to write poetry. As a child, I hid a lot of my poems from others with the exception of a few key adults who always encouraged me to keep writing.  My writing style tends to always rhyme. This was always my preferred style of books to read as a child as well. When a story or poem rhymed, I generally followed the plot better and could remember details more clearly.  Some of my favourite books growing-up included:  Scary Poems for Rotten Kids by Sean O Huigan, Jelly Belly by Dennis Lee, Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, and Toes in my Nose: and other Poems by Sheree Fitch. Now as an adult, when choosing stories for my children, I still tend to choose the stories with rhyming verse before any others.

Growing up....

As life got busier, writing became more of a minor hobby. As a young adult, other adventures took over my life and my writing was put on hold. I went to school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Canadian Studies from Carleton University, a Bachelor of Education degree from Windsor University, and a Law Clerk Diploma from Algonquin College. In addition to this education, I am a trained skating coach with the National Coaching Certification Program and am hired by Skate Canada clubs to teach Canskate, Starskate and Power Skating.  Although I am grateful for all the education,  something was still missing.... you guessed it, writing!


Although I did move away a few times, I have happily settled back in my small hometown of Carleton Place. I live here with my two amazing children and wonderful husband. Now my children get to enjoy the benefits that a small town has to offer. 

In terms of writing, I have been inspired by a number of recent events to start penning my thoughts again. This time, it’s not out of shyness, but out of enjoyment. In 2015, I began writing again, and realized how much much I enjoy the process. I have now written and self published 3 children&;s books, and have had several poems published in various anthologies by a variety of publishers. The more I write, the more I want to write. Polar Bear Press was created as an outlet to share some of my stories with the world. I hope you enjoy!


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