Patti Warnock

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Patti Warnock

Danville (Eastern Townships), QC

1st prize- Liars contest, Festival Jos Violon, Quebec, Quebec (Winner, 2011)

Liars Contest – Pick of the Jury, Festival les Jours sont Contés, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Commended, 2008)

Writing contest, Salon du Livre de l'Estrie, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Winner, 2009)

Grants Canada Arts Council; Travel Grants;  Martinique, France (2012), Baden, France (2013) (Winner)



Born along the shores of the Gatineau River, I moved as a shy child from one side to the other, from the home of one grandparent to the next, collecting memories as I went. Still in my early childhood I migrated to the Canadian north, where, although my stay was brief, its influence was great. I then returned to the shores of my native river. At the age of thirteen I was off again, this time to visit the land of my ancestors, “the Emerald Isle”, where, by chance or by destiny I was to visit Blarney Castle, and as fate would have it, kissed the Blarney Stone. At that moment, without knowing it, my destiny was sealed. As you perhaps know and according to the legend, kissing the Blarney Stone with your head upside down, gives the gift of the gab...thirty odd years later the legend caught up with me!

As an adult, love brought me to the Eastern Townships in Quebec, where I live now. Yet my stories allow me to keep travelling from coast to coast from one country to another.

In the last two years I have passed by the Magdalen Islands (Quebec), followed “The Township Trail” (Quebec) then after turning my compass towards the Antilles, I headed north to Brittany, before sailing back west through Canada&;s eastern provinces, and returning up the St. Laurence towards Montreal and home. Who knows where my stories will take me next!

A multidisciplinary artist, I have worked in fashion, decoration and as a portrait artist, before devoting my time to my children whom I home-schooled until high-school, after which, with the exception of several years of part time work in an elementary school, working with children with various learning disadvantages, I have devoted most of my energy to storytelling.

My travels and the books of my childhood put me in touch with other countries, other cultures, other worlds and other times. The love of these trips and these stories also gave me the desire to share them, to tell them, and then to write my own. I enjoy taking inspiration from my family and surroundings and transforming it into something that I can share. Stories with a touch of reality, a touch of humour, and perhaps a touch of wisdom.

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Storytelling (English\French)

“La Contesse” (the countess of storytelling) offers us a variety of stories. Sometimes seemingly naive tales, sometimes her own creations (based on real-life experiences) where reality and fiction are often blended into one. She also offers up a collection of more traditional stories, evoking memories of long forgotten kingdoms and lost wisdom from far far away, often unravelling into the most unexpected conclusions.

Her Irish origins lend her stories a certain uniqueness, a certain be discovered in both official languages. Whether it be for children, teens or adults (or ESL students), her stories are for the young at heart of all ages.

As an introduction she likes to start with a short discussion with the students to see if they are familiar with the oral tradition of storytelling. Here are some suggested selections from her ever growing and changing repertoire. She has chosen these examples to illustrate the diversity and flexibility of her presentations according to the age of the audience.

Tales for children

as well as tales for all

some of them traditional,

some of them tall

tales and fables

from around kitchen tables

that join wonders fantastic to her life&;s story

and if you say please

she&;ll tell and write YOUR journey

“Friends, Across the Seas and Under the Moon” Ages 6-10

Stories about magic, stories about princesses, and stories about friends!Stories from across the street, stories from across the seas, but always stories from under the moon!

A story for every ear, a princess for every prince. Stories from lands where magic, courage and laughter unite and know no time. Stories that will find the inner hero in every child, young or old.

"Kipling"  Ages 8+ Selected stories from the works of Rudyard Kipling

“Adventures in the Far North” Ages 10+

A collection of stories based on my childhood experiences while living in northern Canada (Cambridge Bay N.W.T.) This is a series of interchangeable creations where fiction and reality are blended into one, laughs and shivers guaranteed.

“The Far North”: Two young girls finding themselves in the far north explore the tundra, where with the help of their dog they discover some bones. Fear, curiosity and excitement lead them to keep their discovery a secret, even from their beloved grandmother. Several months pass before they are able to resolve this mystery, gnawing away at them(like a dog and his bone) from the first day.

“The Skin of His Teeth”: In the second part the girls return to the tundra where they had their mysterious adventure. Upon reexamining the truth of their discovery they find themselves face to face with a new enigma. Taken by surprise by the untamed wilderness of the north, they have no choice but to rely on their grandfathers&; unwavering courage to get them out of their dilemma.

Further “Adventures in the Far North” Ages 14+

Other parts of the collection will also be added, stories chosen to complete the set will depend on the age of the audience.        

“The original Story”         “Arctic Love Story”         "&;Traditional Inuit Tales" (Ages 10+)                                                                                                                                                                                 

“The Lady or the Tiger”, and other fantastic stories. Ages 14+

A collection of age old yet timeless tales, from a realm of fantasy and adventure...a world of brave heroes and fabulous monsters.

“The Lady or the Tiger”, In ancient and faraway land, the story of a barbaric king with a unique system of justice, wherein a young man having aroused the anger of the king is ordered to stand trial and must therefore face the ultimate challenge and choose...between “The Lady or the Tiger”

“The Discourager of Hesitancy”: The continuation of “The Lady or the Tiger”

“The Beeman” Ages 10+   A fantastic tale where an old man sets out on a dangerous and unusual quest to solve a sorcerers&; mysterious riddle.

"Tall Tales" (creations) Ages10+  Tales where fiction and reality become one.

“Medley” an introduction to storytelling   A collection of stories for those new to storytelling, Stories for all Ages, with a touch of wisdom and humour.

“La Belle Famille” Ages 14+

A true life story of typical rural life in the thirties (the great depression) in the Eastern Townships (Québec).

The story of a large family, like most francophone families, who in spite of the many difficulties to be overcome in this tough time, succeeded in making it through, thanks to the family farm. A story that is both sad yet happy... a blend of tragedy and comedy, like life itself.

A story that tells of a period not so long ago in the history of mankind, but already far removed from the thoughts (minds) of our generation, and that of our childrens&;.

Storytelling is a very accessible medium, which allows us to pass on a story or a life experience in a personal manner, making it more universal. The transmission of such stories creates a direct link between generations, languages, cultures, and social classes: opening up lines of communication between people via the imagination, creating an interaction between them, in spite of their differences. As a storyteller I have always endeavoured to collect family stories or stories typical of certain cultures in order to discover their differences, but above all to succeed in bringing out their universality. It is this universality which permits the sharing of ideas and communication in several languages, between people of different backgrounds.

Every storytelling session will be followed up by a question and answer and a discussion period where the students will learn more about the art of storytelling, and about writing their own stories and will also be encouraged and invited to share their own ideas and experiences.

 Recent Storytelling Activities

Répertoire de ressources culture-éducation; Culture in the Schools, Storytelling workshops

English and ESL   W.R.I.T.E. ® Storytelling Workshops. (2011-)  

Festival International Rendez-Vous des Grandes Gueules, Québec (2015)

Storytellers of Canada, annual conference, Lévis, Québec (2015) 

Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival, Winnipeg, Manitoba (2015)  

Les Ami.e.s Imaginaires, Concours de Menterie, Québec QC (2015)

Kanoon International Storytelling Festival, Tehran, Iran (2015)

 Festival Les Jours sont Contés en Estrie, Sherbrooke, Québec (2008-2014)

Fêtes de la Nouvelle France, Québec, Québec (2014)

Festival Festilou (7à 17ans)  Montréal, Québec  (2014)

Toronto Dominion  Canadian Children&;s Book Week, Toronto, London, ON (2014)

Festival Festilou (7 à 17ans), Montreal Quebec (2014)

Toronto Dominion Canadian Children&;s Book Week, Toronto / London, Ontario (2014)

Festival de la Parole, Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia (2013)

Festival Contes en Îles, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec (2011, 2013)

Festival du Conte de Baden, Baden, France (2013)   

Festival Contes et Musique dans la Cité, Martinique, France (2012)

Chemin de la Relève (spectacle de création, financé et présenté par l&;initiative de Tourisme Cantons de l&;Est (MCCCF, CREE, et 8 CLD)                           Cantons de l&;Est Quebec  (2012)

Maison des Arts de la Parole (Productions Littorale) (spectacles divers), Sherbrooke, Quebec (2008-2013)

Spectacles divers, Québec et Ontario




Presentation type: Other

Recommended levels: Primary (1-3), Junior (4-6), Intermediate (7-8), High school (9-12)

Fees: $250.00 (travel costs to be negotiated)