Paul Hock

Paul Hock

Fergus, ON

The Tree (PHP Paul Hock Publishing, 2017)


Early chapter books


Paul Hock is an Author, Songwriter and Artist. Interestingly the inspiration for two of Paul's books were inspired by songs he has written. "A Pilgrimage to Memphis ©" inspired a novel he wrote in 2014 and is slating for publication in early 2018. Another story "The Tree ©" was inspired by a song with the same name. It is about an old lady that visits a special tree every year at Christmas. It is a magical Christmas story and was released in December 2017.  Paul’s first published work is "The Serpent's Eyes " an historical fiction adventure novel. It is part one of "The Crispin Trilogy ". The story of an English family of seafarers and adventurers spanning 250 years. It is set in the Caribbean with historical figures such as Sir Francis Drake woven into it. Coming up in 2018 “The Great Sled Race” and “The Manila Dragon” as well as a couple of short stories he is working on.

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The Joy of Writing & Reading

A reading and presentation of my current Efforts and display of my original illustration art followed by question period and open discussion.

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