Paul L. Clark

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Paul L. Clark

Author, Illustrator, Storyteller
Bewdley, ON

NIEA GOLD MEDAL - BEST Children's Inspirational & Motivational Category (Winner, 2015)

USA BEST BOOK AWARD - Children's Body, Mind & Spirit Category (2015)

USA BEST BOOK AWARD - Children's Education Category (2015)


Beginning Readers, Early chapter books, Non-fiction, Picture books, Short stories


Paul L. Clark is an internationally acclaimed visual communicator with a great depth of diverse experience - but it’s the breadth of his 40 years work that is truly staggering. His timeless designs and multi-platform creative ingenuity are seen in hundreds of hours of television shows and in movies, on web sites, in the corporate arena, nationally and internationally, and on shelves in stores and homes worldwide.

From animation and special FX to graphic design and fine art, Paul is an artist in every sense of the word. His award-winning career has led him to creating, writing, illustrating (authorstrating) and designing children’s content, including the ‘Scribble & Grin Collection’ through the publishing company &;inspirtainment ink&; he founded along with his wife Mary Giuffre - an internationally recognized award-winning animation & television producer, consultant and author/writer.

Paul loves all of this work so much that he coined a word several years ago to best describe it - he calls it his occupassion©


Angel in a Dog Suit© - Hardcover & Braille [UEB]

special note: AWARD WINNER of the USA BEST BOOK AWARDS in the CHILDREN&;S EDUCATION Category. Also - This book is proudly endorsed by the Ontario SPCA and CrimeStoppers for their Anti-bullying and Humane Studies school programs. The Ontario SPCA has also developed a school curriculum ready for September 2015 and The York Regional Police are using &;Angel&; in their &;Youth At Risk&; program.

A Heart Warming Puppy Mill Survivor Story

Angel in a Dog Suit is a true story. Through the memorable magic of rhyme and hand drawn &;scribbles&;, it takes us on a bumpy, yet heart-warming journey through the life of one tiny dog, from puppy mill survivor to her love-filled forever home.

Experiencing this second book in inspirtainment ink&;s growing Scribble & Grin Collection©, creates awareness about animal cruelty and re-enforces the importance of kind and loving treatment of animals.

This happily-ever-after, wagging dog tale reminds kids and their families that even the most challenging times can become triumphs and that in adversity there is always an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Ruby&;s story proves that when we don&;t give up on love, life gets better!


Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times!© - Hardcover, eBook & Braille [UEB]

special note: GOLD WINNER of the Indie Excellence Books Award [Beverly Hills, California] for BEST CHILDREN INSPIRATIONAL & MOTIVATIONAL Category. AWARD WINNER of the USA BEST BOOK AWARDS in the CHILDREN&;S BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Category. Also - Endorsed by The Canadian & US Centre for Abuse Awareness ( / who recommends &;53 Rhymes&; as an important resource for children on their website and describe it as a &;Survival Guide&; for both kids and their caregivers. They tell us this book should be in every shelter across North America and are currently looking for companies to help make this happen.

This versatile volume is even being used in adult addiction centers such as GreeneStone Residential Addiction Treatment in Muskoka, Ontario by Dr. William R. Jacyk, MD, FRCPC and therapist Hildegard Rempel Jacyk, BSW, MA to help access the inner child by allowing adults to utilize the book far beyond its delightful illustrations and hilarious poems.  

Rhyme AND Reason!

Described by an education expert as "nursery rhymes for the 21st century," the poems and limericks in this book go far beyond fun. These rhymes have been created for you and your children for two very important reasons, to INSPIRE and to ENTERTAIN.

A healthy mix of inspiration, insight and necessary nonsense, Scribble & Grin© celebrates diversity and helps children of all ages, cultures, creeds and abilities grasp the essential ingredients of daily social behavior, encouraging them to become healthy, heart-centered adults. Humor, sharing, caring, self-expression, self-love and being in charge of your behavior are all offered with a joyful attitude and many with a big belly laugh for the entire family!

A springboard for emotional expression and dialogue in a variety of situations, as well as the opportunity to tune into the sounds and structure of language, these rhymes provide parents, teachers, and structure of language, these rhymes provide parents, teachers, and caregivers with a valuable resource of timeless material.

When kids are inspired and entertained, they relate, repeat, and recall, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and respect.