Paul Joseph Toffanello

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Paul Joseph Toffanello

Timmins, ON

Junior fiction (Ages 8-12)


Frank B. Edwards (Bungalo Books)


Paul J. Toffanello (the “J” is for Joseph) grew up in Timmins, Ontario, a small northern mining town that once held the distinction of being the greatest gold mining town in the world. He grew up in a family of five boys, nearly driving his mother crazy. Both parents worked, mother in life insurance and dad as an auto mechanics teacher.

Paul majored in English and minored in Psychology at Ottawa’s Carleton University and became an elementary school teacher in 1979 after a year of Teacher’s College at Nipissing University. He later became a high school English teacher, a Vice Principal, a Principal at two different high schools, a Superintendent of Education and finally a Director of Education.

Paul had been writing most of his life, and the first draft of Popchuck’s Ghost (currently in publication) was written in 1984, but it wasn’t until Paul met Frank B. Edwards that he gave serious thought to publication. Since then, Paul and Frank have worked on the first novel – to become a series of three novels – and it will be published in the summer of 2013 with the other two to follow shortly thereafter. (go to

Paul has written not only these three novels, but he writes rhyming stories for children (working with Mercury Filmworks/Active to produce the first children’s book in hardcopy and on IPad), television treatments pitched to broadcasters and production companies, and professional articles over the years. The list below offers a glimpse of his writing.


      Novels written under The Popchuck Chronicles

  • Book 1: Popchuck’s Ghost (currently available)
  • Book 2: Popchuck’s Revenge (due out September 2014)
  • Book 3: Popchuck Returns (due out May 2015)

Children’s Stories

      In Blackburn Hamlet – a theme including:

  • Trashcan Twilight - to be published June 2014 - Mercury Active/Mercury InPress
  • A Ghastly Graveyard Grin
  • Mommaletti’s Ghost
  • The Best in the Game 


Television Series

      Goin’ Postal (1/2 hour adult comedy)

      Bizarre (1/2 hour children’s mystery/comedy)

      Heather’s Way (1/2 hour adult drama/comedy)

      Street Cleaners (Reality T.V.)

      Cadets (1 hour young adult/adult drama)

      Children’s Made-for-TV Movies

  • Guinea  Pig to the Rescue
  • Kidnapped Santa

      Sci-Fi Treatments    


Paul currently resides in Timmins but works as a writer and consultant out of Ottawa, Ontario. He and his wife will be moving to a quiet lake in rural northen Ontario where Paul will work on writing projects including finalization of the Poopchuck Chronicles and continued work on his work in television/screen writing. You can find out more about Paul by visiting his website at 

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Elementary School Presentations

Paul’s focus in his presentations is to encourage students to enjoy reading and writing. His plots are of high interest and encourage the learning of new vocabulary.

He works with teachers and provides a sample novel study guide that is aligned with current educational guidelines. It attends to the learning styles, strengths and interests of students and uses shared and guided reading. As well, he provides many samples of assessment to be used throughout the process.

Paul&;s presentations are engaging as he begins with a lively powerpoint presentation sharing the influences in his life that helped him become an author. Then he reads chapters of his story, quizzing the students on the elements of the novel and allowing them to see that they have a good grasp of many of these elements.


Presentation type: Reading

Recommended levels: Junior (4-6)

Fees: Request for the school to purchase at least one class set of books for the presentation.

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Making Writers Out Of Readers

This presentation is offered to junior and intermediate level teachers who are interested in engaging students in a way that the begin not only to see the relevancy of reading, but to put their thoughts and ideas generated from reading into action.

Paul has years of experience teaching Language Arts and Intermediate and Senior English, and he has much to offer teachers who are looking to get their students hooked on books and ready to write. His workshops turn the teacher into the student providing them with a different perspective on reading and writing.

All of Paul&;s work is premised on sound, early and contemporary research, and he provides a rich experience for teachers who will walk away inspired and ready to try new approaches in the classroom.


Presentation type: Workshop

Recommended levels: Junior (4-6)

Fees: $450/half day - includes resources & local travel. Additional travel costs may apply when outside of local area.