Renná Bruce

Renná Bruce

Guelph, ON

Picture books


Renná Bruce was born in Rivers, Manitoba. She graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a Radio & Television Arts degree and has published in various media.  Renná tours schools, libraries, stores and special events to promote the positive messages behind the Jazlyn J series. In addition to her Jazlyn J work, Renná is an advocate for autism support, awareness and understanding. Renná lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband and sons.

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Jazlyn J School Presenation

Each reading or workshop event is tailored to the reading and program needs of the teacher and the students. The visits are meant to entertain, enlighten and educate kids in a variety of ways. Each story is meant to encourage kids to find the bright side of each and every day by sharing their favourite parts of the day. We believe that a positive mind will give back positively in every aspect of life and be better prepared to handle life’s challenges along the way.

The appearance includes a live and interactive projector-to-screen reading presentation (of a Jazlyn J story of choice), as well as an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts. Very upbeat and motivational. Kids love it! The Jazlyn J series tackles topics such as bullying, recycling, jealousy, goal setting, computers, danger symbols, self expression, self-acceptance, sharing, telling time and more.

Presentation type: Reading

Recommended levels: Primary (1-3)

Fees: $250 (travel expenses outside of Southern Ontario extra)

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Jazlyn J and I. How did we get here?

This is a fun presentation on how Jazlyn J was created, how she was brought to life and the journey from idea to writing and publishing.  Based on the theme, "Never give up", it is a collection of fun and enlightening stories to remind everyone that anything can happen when you really want it to.

Presentation type: Other

Recommended levels: Intermediate (7-8)

Fees: $250 (travel expenses outside of Southern Ontario extra)