Sharon Ann Clark

Sharon Ann Clark

Calgary, AB

Sharon had her first non-fiction book "Not Our Baby" published in 1984 by Detselig Enterprises (Temeron Books). It describes the journey of having a child diagnosed with a brain tumour. She wrote this book to inform other parents in similar situations of what to expect and possible pitfalls to avoid. But she also wrote this book for family and friends of someone they love who has a child with cancer. Hopefully, this book will help them understand what those they love are going through so that they can be the support that is so desperately needed at this time.

She had four children and when the youngest entered elementary school, she returned to the University of Calgary and obtained a degree in Cell, Microbial and Molecular Biology. She has worked in cancer research for many years and currently works in the field of immunology and inflammation.

Sharon wants to impart her love of math and science to children through educational, but fun picture books. In 2014 she published "9X Fun" which features a cute little mouse that teaches kids an easy way to learn the 9X table. In the same year she published "The Honeybee That Learned to Dance" which helps kids learn fascinating facts about honeybees through a story format told from Hummy&;s perspective. The story will inspire kids to bravely test their abilities, just like Hummy, and discover what they truly are capable of.

She hopes to publish a series of math and nature picture books. The next book in the nature (insect) series, "A Strange Guest in an Ant&;s Nest" was published in 2015. It shows kids how various creatures, some very different from one another, can live together peacefully for each other&;s benefit. This book, too, is told in a story format but this time through the eyes of Amber a meadow ant. Through Amber&;s experiences, this picture book will encourage children to see how people of all cultures and races can also live together peacefully for mutual benefit. Sharon is currently working on the third picture book in the nature (insect) series. It is called "The Caterpillar That Learned to Fly" and documents the fascinating life-cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. It is told through the eyes of Cutter the caterpillar and Flutter the Monarch Butterfly. She expects this book to be published in December of 2015.

She is also working on a medical mystery novel that explores the possibilities as well as the repercussions that could affect not only the individual but also society as a whole, if research could find a way to stop the aging process.

Sharon currently lives in Calgary, Alberta

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Educational But Fun Picture Books For Kids

Educational picture books that make math fun. Nature picture books that help kids discover the amazing creatures that co-exist with us - but enhance learning  through interesting story formats.

The one hour presentation will begin by informal discussion with the children of their knowledge of the subject matter. As the book is read, I will ask them if the information contained in the book is new to them. I will also encourage feedback from them on what they are learning. At the end of the reading, I will let them ask questions, which I will answer to the best of my knowledge. If there are any questions that I cannot answer, I will research the information for them and present what I learn to their teacher to pass on at a later date. 

This presentation will be a simple introduction to the subject matter, but hopefully it will igniite the children&;s imagination and their desire to learn more.

Presentation type: Reading

Recommended levels: Junior (4-6)

Fees: Re-imbursement of any costs incurred - such as gas and hotel