Olha Tkachenko

Olha Tkachenko

Toronto, ON

“Little Red Riding Hood” (Studio Treasure Publishing, 2013)

Even though I cannot stay (Rita Graham, 2014)

“Snow White and Ruby Rose. Three brothers” by Brothers Grimms (OLMA Media Group, Moscow, 2014)

Bird Bath Soup: A Sweet Little True Story (Dreams in Motion Publishing, 2013)

MobyMax Reading Program (Learn Without Limits, LLC, 2014)


Beginning Readers, Early chapter books, Junior fiction (Ages 8-12), Picture books, Short stories


I am an artist, and it is my passion to create beautiful vibrant illustrations for children&;s books.

I was born in Ukraine, a country of rich culture and esthetic traditions. I grew up in a loving family of artists. I started drawing and painting at a very young age with my parents. And continued with my formal education at Art School. So I would say that I have drawn and painted all of my life.  

I have been as a freelance illustrator since 2008. I&;ve created illustrations for both classic and electronic books. I work with different mediums including: colored pencils, watercolor, gouache, ink and pen, oil-paint, soft and oil pastel, acrylic, as well as with digital drawing tablet and computer graphic applications. I specialize in fairy tales, and my style could be described as realistic fantasy.

I now live in Canada with my husband and three beautiful children, and enjoy the opportunity to continue my art in this beautiful country.

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Art classes and workshope for kids

As an artist and children&;s book illustrator who has rich experience with teaching kids, I’d be happy to provide art and craft classes for kids! I teach drawing, painting, ckulptre and, of course, illustration, as well as using various techniques and mediums. 

Presentation type: Workshop

Recommended levels: Not applicable