Valerie Redmond

Valerie Redmond

St-Lazare, QC

I am a teacher on a mission to encourage children to believe in their dreams and realize that they can make the world more beautiful!   I worked in Kenya training teachers and developed income-generating projects for women.  I have an Honors degree in Law from Carleton University and teaching certificates from the Toronto Montessori Institute.  I am now completing a Masters degree in Education at McGill University.  I live in St-Lazare, Quebec with my husband and two children.  Emma and the African Wishing Bead is my first children&;s book, and my second book is coming soon!

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African Wishing Bead Workshop

Do you believe your dreams can come true?  Do you believe everyone has a gift to share with the world? 

This workshop begins with a reading of the book, Emma and the African Wishing Bead.  It is the story of two girls, separated by an ocean, but united in their dreams.  It is about the beauty we all have to share with the world when we follow our passions, believe in ourselves, and unleash our true potential.

We make wishing beads!  Children choose African Adrinkra symbols that best represent their character and goals and design them on wooden beads.  We make them magical through a magical meditation.  We put them on hemp string and tie &;gratitude knots&; along both sides.  Finally children get to make their wish and tie their bead into a necklace or bracelet.

This workshop can accommodate up to two classes (40-50 students) with the assistance of teachers.

**Half the profits from the sale of this book go to the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES), which provides secondary school tuition to girls in Kenya and Tanzania.


Presentation type: Workshop

Recommended levels: Primary (1-3), Junior (4-6)

Fees: $150 per presentation (75 minutes)